How A Company Can Harness An Existing Customer Base

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In this competitive world, it is imperative that businesses find ways to get new customers and harness the old ones. Indeed, it becomes a fruitless venture if deals and offers are only for new customers to sign up, but nothing else is offered to existing customers. As customers are spoilt for choice, especially in the online world, it is imperative that retail web outlets realize the importance of an existing customer base and use innovative measures to keep them engaged and loyal to their site. 

Incentives to new and existing customers

The customers who sign up at a site often find discounts offered on their first purchase, allowing them to shop for a bargain. This is usually a standard offering for all customers who sign up at a site for the first time. As many people come, browse and shop without subscribing, the online retail sites have made it easy and lucrative to become a member instead. The sites have a lot to gain as they get contact information which they used in their broadcast activities. For the new members, it is easy to sign up for a free account and avail of further offers and benefits.

Regular updates and offers

Once a member is signed up, the email broadcast services in Australia ensure that the members do not lose interest in shopping at the site. For that reason, regular notifications are sent across to the email accounts of the registered members. The notifications are usually about new offers on the site or new products and offerings at the site. The messages have the option for one to unsubscribe from these notifications any time one wishes to.

Tailored offerings

Today tailored and personalized recommendations are made to subscribers as well. This is done by understanding their browsing behavior, the products they look at and what they have added to their wish list. Accordingly personalized messages and recommendations are created and mailed across to the email accounts of these subscribers. These suggestions usually have a powerful influence on the customers as it touches on their interests and what they wish to buy. Hence, personalized recommendations often end up in the offers being clicked, the site visits and purchases being made.

Discounts and privileges

Among the different ways companies use email notifications to stay in touch with existing customers, there is a great way that they hold their attention. In many cases, special discounts are offered only to select members and through the emails. These are not found on the main site or available from anywhere else. That adds an exclusivity to the member and makes them feel special, prompting them to increase their shopping at these sites.