Five Reasons Why You Should Go With Office 365

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Office 365 is a group of software made by Microsoft and performs a myriad of tasks which are in line with business preferences. So many companies are using these applications for different functions. So long as they are integrated well into the company systems their use can see the company increase profits and revenues substantially. Microsoft administers the tasks and so the company’s IT solutions Sydney will not have to worry about taking care of the services. Since its inception in 2011 the software has seen different forms of developments and upgrades and has been lauded for its small learning curve. Here are some of the benefits of Office 365: 

Cloud Functions 

This is one of the best features. This application is in the cloud and can therefore be accessed by multiple users. Besides, you will not have to be maintaining servers and other costly equipment to keep the SharePoint features operating. With the Microsoft services you will be able to get high quality service status notifications and when there are outages. 

Integration with Legacy Applications

Many companies use Open Source and other licensed applications all through the departments. Once you have the Office 365 setup you will be able to access your databases as you integrate them directly. However, you can also import them directly by using applications such as Access. Third party tools can also be used if you have GroupWise, Lotus or Google email. Migration can also be made easier by using Migration suites. 

Compatible with Exchange and Microsoft Office

If you company has an existing on-premise exchange environment you can use Office 365 as a hybrid solution. You can also use your Exchange mailboxes with the application to manage your users who are within cloud. There are built in features in Office 365 which allow for e-discovery as well as assisting with the audits.

Security and Backup

These are the two main concerns for firms all over the world. With the Office 365 setup there are enterprise features which make it stronger and way safer to use. This has been the reason why the Fortune 500 companies use this application. Microsoft is a giant in the application industry and it has monitors which can safeguard you from potential hackers who might want to breach into your systems. Microsoft also scans through emails and documents thereby eradicating viruses which might be in your documents. 

Includes a public Site

You can create a public site directly with this application. You can use templates to develop your website from scratch with the development editor as well as the SharePoint Designer. It is also possible to create extranet for Board Members and Vendors without having to worry about complex authentication setups and proxies.